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Kont Bank started its MICRO FINANCE C services on 8th of July 2011, primarily to serve the two thirds of the population of TAJIKISTAN which is engaged in the subsistence agriculture and livestock rising. We extend our services in the community with or without microenterprises, who are interested in engaging in economic activities to augment household income. Major challenges in the operations are reaching the indigenous peoples and small farmer households in the hard-to-reach areas, and providing capacity building services that could hasten improvement in the well-being of our clients.


Our vision is to be a top class one stop solution for all financial services by maintaining excellence in terms of performance, innovation, security and quality and sustaining the growth story.


We will be the best bank for our clients by providing them the best service in the most inexpensive way possible. You are the reason we are changing. Our goal is to continue providing a unique banking experience that you will find rewarding. We will do this by being personal and pro-active, meaning, we will exert every effort to know you better so that we can anticipate your needs and address them to the best of our ability.


Greetings to Everyone!

Despite of the tough competition in the market and the continuing implications of the global crisis for more than years now we are still competent to achieve a remarkable result in a financial and services levels.We have launched extensive bank products and services to satisfy the needs and demands of various customers sectors in the market. Kont Bank had established its flexibility during the crisis and in this year Kont Bank will continue to be aware of the Global and regional risks as we advance in our journey of excellence.Kont Bank is continually striving to open a job opportunities to TAJIKISTAN NATIONALS to increase the numbers of small enterprises, and to financially support numerous projects that enable entrepreneurs to start and develop their own businesses.

One of our aims is to extend and reach out to rural areas for the farmers as well as other businessman to support their entrepreneur activities, small businesses and rural development. Kont Bank supports the UN Millennium Project that identifies micro-credit as “one of the development strategies … that should be implemented and supported to attain the bold ambition of reducing world poverty by half.” A powerful endorsement of the importance of the micro-finance has come from the United Nations with the designation of 2005 as the International Year of Micro-credit.

Kont Bank also will be launch in collaboration with VISA Inc, the world’s largest retail payment network. Kont Bank management has set to better cater to the clients’ needs, and in altering the look and feel from the inside out to mirror the Bank’s distinctive and fresh image in union with its brand rejuvenation strategy. Kont Bank has always maintained that Customer is our priority and all the initiatives undertaken by us one way or other benefits the customer. It is the trust and confidence that our customers have placed on us that has allowed us to move forward with excellent perspective. We are committed to sustain the growth, profitability and stakeholder and customer expectations, and maintain our trademark in terms of performance, innovation, security and quality in 2012 as well.

Warm Regards,

A. Kabirian
Chairman of the Board

+992 (44) 620-99-11 600-62-34 600-62-36
734025, Tajikistan, Dushanbe, St Bukhara, 43
+992 (44) 600-62-44
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